When organizing an outdoor wedding, one thing

by:Rida tent     2020-08-13

For starters, you have to be very sure about how many guests you will have at the wedding. This particular statistic will directly affect what size and how many wedding tents you are going to get, so it's best to get it right. You may not want to get smaller or fewer wedding tents than necessary, as this means that some guests may have to miss seating places. You also don't want to get too many tents, as this is essentially a waste of money if they aren't going to be utilized properly.

Granted, knowing just how many people will attend your wedding can be tricky. However, this does not mean that it's impossible to know. You can find out a ballpark figure of how many will attend your wedding by asking your guests to fill in RSVP forms. These are normally sent out with the wedding invitations, and the postage for the same is normally paid for. In the age of social networking and email, you can also ask the recipients to simply email you back the RSVP, stating if they will attend the wedding or not. In order to make it sound important, you could tell them that not responding with an RSVP will be taken as a decline of the invitation.

Since sending out the invitations is normally done very early, you will have a relatively accurate figure of how many people will come to the wedding in time. This means that you can start organizing on how to get the wedding tents very early, which is normally necessary if you are to get the tents to your specifications. For instance, if you are organizing the wedding for summer, it's necessary to book them well in advance since there is normally huge demand for such tents during such periods when many other couples are getting married.

When hiring such wedding tents, you also need to make sure that you get them from a high quality establishment. Some of the more common wedding tent rental companies will only offer the tents and nothing else. However, the very good ones will also offer transport of the tents to the location of your choice, and will also put them up for you. In some cases, they may even come and take down the tents once they are done. This means that the only role you would have to play is pay for the wedding tents, making your wedding planning much easier.

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