When it comes to choosing outdoor canopies, like

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The first big thing to consider when choosing a backyard canopy is how you intend to use that canopy tent. Will you put the canopy to use for a single purpose, like sheltering a boat, car or pet, or will you be using the backyard canopy to sometimes shelter possessions and other times people?

Knowing how you'll use outdoor canopies allows you to choose the best design for you. For instance, you may find that you and your family would make use of the tent as a shade canopy throughout the summer months but that you would also occasionally need larger outdoor accommodations in which to host summer garden parties or backyard afternoon barbeques. Either way, you want to make sure that the backyard canopy you choose will serve all your needs, or, you may want to consider purchasing a different shade canopy or canopy tent in order to serve all your different purposes.


The next item to consider when selecting the right outdoor canopies for you is any features that may be handy. There are models of canopy tents that are designed for quick set up and tear down, like pop up canopies, and there are those that are slightly more permanent and sturdy of structures - designed to be set up and left in a single location for months on end, like the shade canopy. Knowing which may best suit your needs is important in making the right choice for you and your family.

Additionally, you'll find that outdoor canopies or a canopy tent can be found with a number of 'special features', like those which come with insect netting, rain gutters, enclosed walls and extra weights and suspension rods. Looking into these special features and considering whether or not you need them for you own backyard gatherings and everyday enjoyment is also an important part of choosing the right backyard canopy for your needs.


Many people are satisfied with a small and simple shade canopy for their backyards, giving them and their immediate family a bit of shaded space in the yard in which to relax on a sunny afternoon or enjoy an outdoor dinner in the evenings. Others find that larger outdoor canopies, maybe even an expandable framed backyard canopy like a canopy tent, may serve them better, providing enough room for them and their immediate family to also enjoy the outdoors, but also plenty of room for accommodating number of guests when hosting planned or impromptu outdoor parties in the spring, summer or fall.

Ultimately, the decision regarding the size of your outdoor canopies is up to you. You may find that you could use a couple of different models, a shade canopy to enjoy every day and another that you get out and set up for those special occasions and larger gatherings.


Do you plan to put your backyard canopy in one spot and leave it there or do you need a canopy tent that can be moved from one location to another, including sites that may be off of your own property? The portability factor is another component you'll want to consider when thinking of which backyard canopy may be right for you. Again, many people decide to purchase two or more outdoor canopies, including a more permanent one that they set up at home, and another smaller model that they can easily take on the road to any site in which a bit of shade and shelter might come in handy. A shade canopy or a pop up tent are not only easy to set up and take down; they also come with a compact carrying case in order to make transportation and storage simple and easy as well.


When looking into your choices for outdoor canopies, there are several popular models from which to choose, including the pop up and garden canopies already mentioned. Don't overlook the other options as well, including party tent canopies, animal shelter canopies, portable garages, enclosed canopies, and portable canopies.

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