What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for garden tent ?
It changes based on manufacturers who adopt different technologies. Sometimes material cost might be high in the manufacturing. Once the wastes are recycled and used for other manufacturing, the manufacturer in fact succeeds in price reduction. Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is a company dedicated to the production of garden tent . The supply of raw material is ensured and the technology is designed to decrease the cost and improve the overall product quality to the largest extent.

Rida Tent has been one of the most competitive manufacturers since establishment. We design, manufacture, and test ez up canopy for a wide variety of applications. The scaffold tower series is widely praised by customers. A wide range of furniture tests is performed on Rida tent party gazebo. Examples of what is examined when testing this product include the stability of the unit, sharp edges or corners, and durability of the unit. It is safe to use with no potentially toxic metal substances. This product is widely used and has great market potential. There are no bubbles, undulations, scratches, or dents on its surface.

More and more domestic and foreign customers have highly valued the service of the Rida tent brand. Get price!
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