What are main products for Rida Tent to export?
Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, has been licensed for its exports of stretch tents for sale . A copy of the export permit could be provided if a particular condition is made. In China, complex formalities must be gone through when a provider would like to find an export permit.

Rida Tent has been the preferred choice in manufacturing truss roof system. We have gained years of experience in the industry. The truss system series is widely praised by customers. The design of Rida tent 20x20 tent is meticulous. It is mechanically analyzed by applying the theories from statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, and fluid mechanics with deterministic or statistic approaches. It has a small tolerance being machined by advanced cutting equipment. The product is not likely to be affected by overcurrent. It is embedded with a thermorelay, an overload protection element, to keep the product from the shock damage of short circuit. It comes with detailed installation drawings and a packing list.

With lofty vision, Rida tent will maintain improving in creating shade canopy.
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