What about the maximum supply of canopy tent outdoor by Rida Tent per month?
Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, has our own factory, which is equipped with advanced machine and state-of-art technology, to supply enough monthly production amount of canopy tent outdoor . In our factory, we introduced a complete set of production machines and advanced technology to perform the bulk production. During the peak season, there would be mountains of orders which the company can deal with efficiently in order.

Boasting a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing dj booth truss, Rida Tent has been regarded as a trustworthy provider. The gazebo tent series is widely praised by customers. It will not consume extra energy. The certification provided by the Environmental Protection Agency is considered the most authentic in this regard, and the Energy Star label is the mark of this certification. Different wall thicknesses of aluminum can be designed for frames with different load-bearing requirements. The price of this product is competitive and it is now widely used in the market. It has no grease or dirt after being treated with degreasing agents.

Rida tent focuses on the balance of service, quality and cost in operations. Inquire!
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