What about Rida Tent production equipment?
The production equipment has been introduced into Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, and has been well running for years. The equipment is operated by well trained workers. The production is stable and flexible. In general, the production is suspended once for maintenance every year.

Rida Tent, a reputable manufacturer of wedding tent, has earned a good reputation for designing and manufacturing in the Chinese market. The truss system series is widely praised by customers. Rida tent clear tent wedding distinguishes itself for professional production processes. These processes include meticulous materials selection process, cutting process, sanding process, and polishing process. It is eco-friendly manufactured as it does not require welding. This product highly increases people's productivity by aiding them in completing their work in a more efficient way, which helps to save much time. Its surface can be treated to be bright or matte.

In recent years, Rida Tent has become more and more popular. Ask!
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