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Waterproof UV Protection Outdoor Aluminium Car parking Shade

Waterproof UV Protection Outdoor Aluminium Car parking Shade

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High hardness 6061-T6 and 6082-T6 Aluminum alloy
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Car parking shade  

Membrane structure is a perfect combination of architecture and structure. It is a kind of space structure with high-strength flexible membrane material and supporting system to form a stable surface with a certain stiffness, which can withstand a certain external load. Its shape is free and lightweight, flame retardant, easy to make, fast to install, energy saving, safety and other advantages, so it has been widely used around the world. This structure is especially suitable for large stadiums, entrance corridors, gardens, scenic spots, public leisure and entertainment squares, exhibition venues, shopping malls, parking lots and other fields.



Membrane Structure Feature: 

1. Non-stick,easy release.

2. Excellent thermal stability with maximum continous use temperature of 260 degree / 500F.

3. PTFE surfaces are by most chemicals and solvents and are chemically inert.

4. Non-toxic and food compliant.

5. Very low surface friction and easy slide properties.

6. Excellent heat transfer which also allows low energy consumption.

7. Different thickness is available.

8. High tensile strength and tear strength .

Product Application : 

The designer can create large span extreme surface arc,cone , changeful iconic grand landscape shape of membrane structure buildings . Novel Teflon fiberglass permanent architectural membrane material can be used in construction of large public event place , stadiums , exhibition venues , and the lounge at the airport etc.

Item Name



Carparking , sports center, outdoor shade , permanent tent,swimming pool cover

Oem item Size

Color, shape, material, customized is welcome

Membrane type

100% polyester base fabric, optional PTFE or PVDF,ETFE coated.

Support frame

GB Q235 steel or galvanized steel

Cover Color

White,red, grey, yellow, blue, green, etc.

Warranty time

All of component and frame 2 year ,membrane material 15-20 years

Product Introduction

Material: 100% Polyester / Glass fiber . Coating: use PVC coated tarpaulin/ PVDF/ PTFE/ETFE . Dimension: Diversity design, according to customer's requirement.



In addition to providing high-quality membrane structures of different shapes, we also provide one-stop outdoor products, such as aluminum alloy awning, spherical awning, elastic awning, pole awning, hotel awning, lighting rack, stage, scaffold, explosion barrier, floor and so on. You will be purchasing one - stop event performance equipment from our company.

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Event tent 
Rax tent 5x5m
Marquee tent 

Dome tent 
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Dome tent 
Dome tent 

Stretch tent
Stretch tent
Hotel tent
Hotel tent



The Car Parking Shape is a membrane structure form in which a plurality of high-strength film materials and auxiliary structures are formed in a certain manner to generate a certain per-tension force to form a certain spatial shape as a covering structure and can withstand a certain external load.


The Car Parking Shape has the characteristics of high strength, good durability, fireproof and rainproof, good self-cleaning property, no influence of ultraviolet rays, long service life, high light transmittance and little heat absorption. It is precisely because of the invention of this epoch-making membrane material that the membrane structure carport becomes a modern permanent building.


Car Parking Shape maintenance method:

(1)During the use of the membrane structure, it is forbidden to touch the chemical solvent, and the heat source and the fire source are not allowed to approach the membrane surface.
(2)to avoid the cut of the object, the hard object bruises.
(3)In case of severe weather such as wind, heavy rain and blizzard, it should be checked in time before the membrane surface is damaged, whether the coating is dropped, whether the seam is intact, whether the membrane surface is slack, whether the drainage is clear, whether there is any surrounding. Other items or structures can affect the safety of the membrane structure and the like.
(4 It is forbidden to stack objects on the membrane surface.


The Application of Car Parking Shape:

(1)Traffic membrane structure equipment: subway station, bus station and expressway service area
(2)sports membrane structure equipment: major stadiums, stadium chairman audience, film structure stage.
(3)the observation film structure: civilized squares everywhere.
(4)commercial equipment membrane structure: often used in such conspicuous places as hotel doors.



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