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Today, Manzanillo consists of two parts, the resort region on the Santiago Peninsula and the busy downtown commercial region to the south. Although Manzanillo is a busy port town, it has managed to keep to its laid back and peaceful feel accentuated with an active genuine Mexican ambiance. Book your stay at a Hotel manzanillo & Resort to take advantage of affordable Manzanillo hotels vacation packages.

Manzanillo City visit

With the city being freshly renovated, a tour of Manzanillo hotels is a must. Centered on a figure of a huge Marlin, downtown now offers more shopping and a new walkway along the port. Be sure and stop by Manzanillo's oldest community club, 'Bar Social', as it has not changed since it was established in the 1940s. As you head from the harbor to the downtown area, you will see the 'Jardin', which means garden. This is where the locals come to have eaten, get a shoe polish, or just people watch. On cooler evenings bands will play in the tent.

Plantation Tours

Just north of Manzanillo are some of the most wonderful landscape views in Mexico. Look out over acres of coconut and banana plantations or visit the local mango and lime orchards and enjoy a refreshing drink.

El Salto Waterfall and Water Park

Located just 40 minutes to the north of Manzanillo, this waterfall tops 100 ft. The drive is an amazing venture through rain forests and jungles and the local landscape. The blue tube you will see beside the road carries iron ore from the Los Juanes mine at the top of the mountain, 37 miles south to Manzanillo. You'll drive down the cobble stone entrance to the new water park. To get to the actual waterfall you need to continue to the bottom of the mount and park just after you cross the iron viaduct. Unspoiled by tourism the waterfall is a have to see.

Volcano Tours

Standing 14,200 feet, the flurry capped and inactive Nevado de Colima Volcano, is a dramatic greeting to this area. Next to it is the 13,000 foot active Volcan de Colima. Volcan de Colima is Mexico's most energetic volcano and has erupted a number of times over the past 450 years.

Mexico is divided by the 24th similar, or Tropic of growth. Areas south of this partition are generally temperate with a reliable weather all year round and are home to some of the most accepted all-embracing resorts the state holds. Areas like Cancun and Cozumel are situated on the eastern peninsula and border the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Hot spots such as Acapulco, Hotel manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta are home to all-embracing holiday resorts as well and survive on the western coast of Mexico beside the Pacific Ocean.

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