There was only about 6' of floor space among us

by:Rida tent     2020-07-30

I will need a bigger tent for when I camp with pals who do not have their own tent. It is going to primarily be a fair weather tent. As opposed to my motorcycle trips or some auto trips alone, it's going to in no way be used for longer than a weekend (possibly a 3 day weekend). It will not be applied if the forecast calls for rain. It most likely won't be applied extra than 1 or two states away from Maryland. So, essentially the most realistic weather resistance we definitely want is for it to be able to resist the pop up summer storms that frequently happen in this area. It also won't be utilized as frequently as my individual tents, perhaps 1-4 times a year (depending upon the year), almost certainly averaging 1-2 times a year.

We also will not likely be going to a lot of state parks where the size of the tent web site is normally additional limited. Depending upon which buddies are coming, it is going to either be a commercial internet site (where the size is normally significant enough for a big tent, and it is possible to check in advance) or state forests, the kind with big sites that could take a huge tent but no accommodations (you dig a hole or bring a porta pot for when nature calls, when you can't go per day or two without a shower, you must bring your own camp shower). So, a larger 'family style' tent need to function.

So, I'm thinking that given that I do not need to have a hardcore, heavy duty tent, I may well go having a Coleman or comparable quality to save a couple of bucks (Columbia, a more affordable Eureka, Bass Pro Shops shop brand, Cabela's store brands, Gander Mountain store brand, etc.), and I might even step down a tad from there (Field and Stream, Stansport, Suisse Sport, Ozark Trail, Wenzel, and so on.). As for the size, I'll probably most often only have 1 friend along, and he/she may or may perhaps not be good with putting up and taking down tents, so I do not choose to go too large, but I nonetheless want it massive sufficient for when two pals come (rare, but not impossible from what I'm now hearing). So, I'm thinking probably 10x10, and likely no bigger than 10x12 (maybe as much as 14' along one of the walls).

So, inexpensive and with good floor space, and 1 much more criteria, I want it to be tall. With two men and women, the 4'ish height of my Vertex 4 truly held in our body heat, and it was a hot day anyway (near 100 degrees). camping tents on sale

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