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by:Rida tent     2020-07-25

One of the advantages of soft saddlebags are it's expandable space. You can keep cramming your stuff in and find more space to put it in. Unlike hard saddlebags you have limited space. Soft saddlebags have more flexibility while hard saddlebags are more sturdy.

Soft saddlebags are easy to carry because they are light and easily removable from the mounting system on your bike. You can simply unclip them with a simple stroke and carry them to your tent or hotel room. You can readily stow them in the closet when not in use.

One of the things you need to consider when buying soft saddlebags is to look at the number preceding denier. because it means the thickness of the thread use in soft saddlebags. the higher the number of the denier, the stronger or durable it is. It is sturdy and have serious shape -retention quality even when it is empty.

Although every motorcycle has a different mounting system, it is ideal that the fastening system stay on the bike so that you can just hop off the bags and walk away and in the next morning reinstall them without a cinch.

Soft saddlebags have the tendency to sag below if your motorcycle seat is angled and riding on bumpy roads. Make sure you invest in bag guards or loop them using zip ties or bungee cords. So they won't gravitate towards the pipes, touch any moving parts like the chains and wheels or interfere with the passenger's legs.

Soft saddlebags have top loading and side loading points of entry. With top loading bags, the whole top panel will zip open so you can go through your stuff and side loading provides the easiest access. So be sure to pack your things that you don't need during the day at the bottom and place heavy items close to the bike to preserve the motorcycle's center of mass and equally pack the same amount of weight in each bag to avoid losing control of the motorcycle's handling.

Also, they come in with rain-resistant liners. The beads of rainwater will just bead up and disperse, If you think you need more and bigger cargo containers especially if you are the kind of rider who likes to go on camping and will need to take camping equipment. You will want to consider buying a bigger motorcycle luggage like the sissy bar bags. Backrest bags comfort enhancing factor to the long hauler is totally unsurpassed. The rider can use the backrest bag for his back support especially if he or she is riding solo.

When buying backrest bags consider the specs so that all your items will fit inside. Bigger doesn't always mean better. backrest bags come in leather,vinyl and heavy-duty nylon fabrics. Most have detachable roll bags or top cases and rectangular bags with roller-wheels.

When mounting the backrest bag check if your sissybar is wide or tall enough or will it sit on the passenger seat or will it need a dedicated luggage rack. For riders who live for long journeys on two wheels, backrest bags and saddlebags(soft and hard) are great assets.

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