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The Yunding Mountain Scenic Area Project

The Yunding Mountain Scenic Area Project


On September 2015, we arranged the project for our Chengdu client about the 20 × 35 × 6m and 15 × 35 × 6m tent for conference used. The location was in Chengdu Yunding Mountain scenic area. This project was one of the special projects that we had taken on because the location of the meeting was at the top of the mountain. Our customer required us to provide technology and building support, so we send professional engineers and building teams to develop this project according to the need of customer. In addition, our PVC cover is waterproof and windproof, which is very suitable for this special location.

Because of the uneven ground, our engineer proposed a solution: firstly, laying plywood floor with adjustable height on the ground, and then install it on the floor by expansion bolt fixing method to solve this problem. And in this project, we also provide chairs, LED lights and air condition to meet our customer’s need and help this conference came out to be perfect.

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