The pyramids are found in the Ethnographic Park

by:Rida tent     2020-08-01

The Black Pyramids became first known subsequent to the publication of an article about them in a regional daily in the early nineties. Since then, a duo of presumptions came into being regarding the existence of the pyramids.

While some researchers asserted to the fact that the pyramids became alive from meagre piles of stone left behind by cultivators tidying up the terra firma for farming, others are of the belief that the pyramids are of cryptic origin.

The Department of Archaeological studies in the University of La Laguna undertook the pioneering excavations on the pyramids along with the Astrophysical Institute. Based on early astronomical relations of the region, the research mission made known the fact that the Black pyramids were associated with the seasons of summer and winter.

Expeditions into the pyramids

A number of expedition missions took place in the Pyramids, the most remarkable carried out by a line-up of American archaeologists accompanied by native Canarian archaeologists. The particular mission lead to the unearthing of a 8 m cavern holding the remains of the relics of members of the historic Guanches community as well as a number of artefacts relating to the pre- Hispanic residents of the isle such as ceramic pottery, bodkins and ornate gobbets most definitely from necklaces. Using the Carbon-14 dating technique, the ruins of the cave became traceable to the epoch amid the years 680 and 1020 A.D.

Exhibition zones of the Black pyramids

The pyramids consist of a duo of display zones. The 'Early Navigation Tent' display section of the pyramids is dedicated to investigational expeditions by use of vessels fabricated with respect to historic blueprints, which take into account models of a variety of totora-papyrus yachts employed by legendary explorers such as Kitin Munoz and Thor Heyerdahl. The museums also host a number of provisional exhibition stands that sightseers of both native and foreign origin come to see.

The black pyramids of Tenerife are home to a number of shopping malls and children's playgrounds as well as parks and adults' pools which ensure that the pyramids offer unbeatable experience to people of all dispositions. The pyramids are a must visit by lovers of nature on a tour of the Island of Tenerife.

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