The party tent can make or break an event. Choose

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Types of Tents

Unless the party rentals company stated otherwise, they are responsible for setting-up the tent on the reception area. After the party, their crew should also come in to take it down. Whether you are renting a specialized small tent or a large one, the party rental provider should ensure that you get the exact specifications required.

Small Tents

Small tents are usually 10 to 40 feet wide. These are meant to be modules that are joined together to form covered pathways. Some are designed to be stand-alone structures. Whatever the case, they purpose usually fall into three categories:

- As connectors they act as a bridge between two larger tents or between another tent and another structure.

- As entrance marquees small tents adds a touch of elegance to an event when it is used decoratively to show guests the way to the party.

- As free-standing structures these typically act as food-serving spaces or as sales and display areas.

Large Tents

The larger tents are also known as 'event' tents because they are big enough to contain all the guests inside. These are used as add-ons to the main event or as temporary addition to a concrete building. Event tents come in all shapes and sizes depending on the requirements of the renter.

What Keeps the Tents from Falling?

There is no need to worry about the tent falling down; tents have the necessary support that keeps them upright. Basically, tents come in two types:

Frame Tents: contains tops with aluminum framework. It is anchored using ropes placed strategically on the eaves. The main purpose of anchoring this tent is to keep it from being blown over in case of a strong gush of wind. Newer frame Party Rentals tents that have cleaner structures have been introduced.

Pole Tents: the pole tent has a top that is held up by poles placed around the eave and the center poles. Because the resulting tension makes it taut, this type of party rentals tent is noted to be safe because of the upward and downward pull.

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