The concept of marriage in marriage venue now

by:Rida tent     2020-08-13

Outdoor wedding could give a very memorable experience for the bride and groom also guests. Provided, you have to anticipate all the bad situations that may occur during a reception in the open, it is only a worst-case scenario, but it never hurts to consider.

Rain. In the past, the rainy season and the dry season in an orderly alternating present. Now? You know, the rain could come anytime. If it was just drizzling, might make the atmosphere more romantic. However, if heavy rainfall, guests will be frantically looking for shelter. Therefore, if you want an outdoor venue, make sure you have a backup plan if it rains. Whether it's put up tents, or rent one room to another shelter.

Dry season. The sunny weather is favorable. If the wedding reception took place in the afternoon, the heat can be too hot. If this is a concept of marriage that you want, so guests could walk around and mingle each other you will need to build a tent and set up portable air conditioner. You can specify the dress code on the invitation. For example: sun dress.

Extremely cold. The opposite of heat, when outdoor reception done at the night also prone to bring cold winds. For men, this may not a problem because generally they are wearing a suit, or at least a long-sleeved shirt. In contrast, women would be a little troublesome because they often wore a slightly open. Although the effect is not as bad when it rains, some guests may also choose to enter into the room.

Grass, sand, and gravel. Wearing high heels to walk on the sand and the grass is not always fun for the guests, especially the women. Soft sand can be troublesome for guests who are elderly or small children. On the other hand, a grassy area will also be very dirty when the rain came down. Not to mention the guests who tend to drop wipes, food, or cigarette butts in there. Long pants or dress that ends touching the floor will be dirty if the floor in the venue spilled drinks or rain puddles. To outsmart, you can also give the dress code on the invitation that flat shoes are recommended. Then, provide enough bins around the eating place.

Nature will give you the best, and worst. The wedding reception was conducted in the afternoon before the evening will certainly offer a romantic view of the sunset. However, after that, be prepared for mosquitoes. When checking the venue decorations the night before, make sure you already know what disorder can appear at night. Or maybe there are birds flying? Be careful with their feces.

What about you? Are there things that you find unexpected when holding an outdoor wedding?

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