Spring is closely approaching and the next wedding

by:Rida tent     2020-08-08

If it is true that there is going to be dining, then a proper area should be arranged for serving a buffet or meals under the tent. Again, you might want to include a dancing floor for the occasion and this may include a space for the DJ or even a certain piece of band to embrace the occasion. When it comes to location of the tent, an urban backyard would require a smaller tent as compared to that of an open prairie. Whatever your option is, you should calculate the number of seats depending on your guest list. Calculating the square footage is inevitable. For instance, a one hundred square footage would do for round dinner table with about ten people. If your option is the banquet tables, then planning for 80 square feet per table will help accommodate 8 people.

You should calculate the dance floor based on the number of people that are invited and possibly, those who might attend. But if the largest number is going to be for the 65 and above in age, then there are possibilities that these may not shake a leg. Four square feet per person will do well for the dancing space under the wedding tent. Next, is the calculation for the space occupied by the DJ or the band. A 12 by 20 inch space will be enough for a 4 piece rock band along with their drums, guitars and other equipment. Remember that a sound engineer may need some space while troubleshooting sound problems.

People tend to think about others and forget about themselves. A head table is meant for you two, the bride and groom. You may want an elevated one with about twenty attendants or just a sweetheart table for the two of you. Whatever the solution, plenty of space should be allowed. Having come up with this idea of managing the space under the tent, the next disturbing issue is probably the style of the wedding tent.

The oldest but still catchy style is the pole tent. The other style is the track or frame tent which are made of frames such that there will be no need for poles in order to span the very top of your tent. There are many event rental companies with these solutions and paying them a visit earlier, might make you land on the best solution for your wedding tent.

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