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Rida tent provide a stage,truss and tent, to participate in the activities with volunteers

Rida tent provide a stage,truss and tent, to participate in the activities with volunteers


In August 2016, Rida tent manufacturing company jointly with the college students volunteer for planning the program under which officials activity, in this "a program under which officials" activities mainly into rural, mountains of left-behind children, in south village, 9Jiang fairy tail town WengYuan, shaoguan province as a base, left-behind children education and life, in-depth experience mountain life, rural households to visit local residents, to carry out the theme of "care for left-behind, let love fly" activities. "Three to the countryside" refers to the popularization of knowledge related to culture, science and technology, and health in rural areas to promote the development of rural culture, science and technology, and health. Vigorously carrying out the activities of culture, science, technology and public health in rural areas is the concrete embodiment of the purpose of our party to serve the people wholeheartedly.

When college student volunteers contacted us, we took the initiative to plan part of the activity for them, and offered to sponsor our tent and stage to be used in the activity. In a program under which officials activity, our company allocated 3 staff, to help volunteers set up tents,truss and stage, reach the fairy after south village, we found a piece of land to build up 6.1 * 9.16 m aluminum stage, also set up a tent, stage in the tent, stage and tents set up is very convenient, the floor of stage is red broad,appearance is beautiful.The frame of stage and tent is aluminum,fabric is PVC cover, the quality is excellent, then, we help arrange all the children in the village sit inside the tent of the chair, student volunteers prepared a variety of programs on its own, after waiting for everyone to sit, the various performance started to volunteer and interactive games. In addition, we stayed in the area for three days. We lived in our company's tent products, which are flexible in size and recyclable. Therefore, we repeatedly used these tents and stages for various activities.

The purpose of the Rida tent company is not to do business, but also to undertake all kinds of meaningful activities. It is a humane company.

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