Quality assurance of concert stage
Amounts of safeguards are built into the production process to ensure that Rida branded concert stage reaching consumer fulfill the highest levels of quality and safety. Strict QMS helps us make certain the products that you like are of the best quality.

Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd,, regarded as an indispensable provider, has been a preferred choice of designing and manufacturing platform stage. The family tent series is widely praised by customers. The materials of Rida tent large event tent have passed various kinds of tests. These tests are fire resistance testing, mechanical testing, formaldehyde content testing, and stability & strength testing. After being cleaned with compressed air, it has no aluminum shavings. This product is widely used and has great market potential. It has optional surface treatment such as electrostatic powder coating.

Since we want to be a leading box truss supplier, Rida Tent will do our best. Please contact.
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