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by:Rida tent     2020-08-12

One such most admired themes now a day is the Beach Wedding in India. But this kind of wedding comes with unexpected problems that are surely not to be overlooked. Here are few essential tips for a perfect beach wedding:

Mother Nature doesn't always co-operate: Never depend on good weather while every beach wedding should be in sunshine, unfortunately it doesn't always work that way. Always have a backup plan of whether it's an alternate indoor location or an extra tent to retreat into and also inform the guests about the location. Glint your tent ambience by adding stringing winkle lights or fish net and adding sea shells, beach glass or plastic dolphins.

Perfect Lightning- Ask your Wedding Planners about the lights and where they are placing it. For perfect beach kind of lightning go for candles, torches and battery powered twinkle lights. Candles come in glass protectors to protect them from wind.

Food Arrangements: For the food segment of Indian Beach Wedding opt for proper refrigeration-plan a menu that can be transported in coolers and prepared on site. Moreover, always try to prepare food close to when it will be consumed while avoiding mayonnaise based dressings. Ask the Indian Wedding Planners to serve easy-to-eat food i.e. avoiding the use of knives and forks and offer side dishes that are easy to pick up and go like stuffed mushrooms, raw vegetables, and salads. And most importantly, keep your wedding cake wrap in clear cellophane that looks beautiful and keeps the sand and bugs off.

Decorations: It is the most exciting and important point as it will make your guests to remember your marriages for long. Like for serving food you can choose seashells, which will give nice beachy touch and very practical too as there is no fear of breaking and instead of giving invitation cards you can go for names printed on shells with a marker, which keep the theme going. Opt for local flowers, sand castles, gold fish and other items moving with your beach theme perfectly.

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