Inflatable event tents are rapidly becoming the

by:Rida tent     2020-07-22

Older inflatable enclosures use heavy PVC fabric that requires the use of large diameter side supports that take up valuable area which lessens usable space. The PVC material also needs to be kept rigid with constant air pressure, so blowers are needed to keep the structure standing. This can be inconvenient if needing to set-up in an out-of-the-way area, not to mention the possibility of deflating if the air pump fails or there is a loss of electricity. The XGloo system is simply inflated a single time by means of a manual pump or electric air pump. The pressure in the system is maintained so there is no need to keep air flowing. Once erected, a strong exoskeleton maintains the shape of the enclosure.

PVC inflatables are also very heavy. This makes transport more expensive and getting the tent to the chosen spot requires a transport lorry or considerable manpower. As the materials in the XGloo system use the same lightweight materials as that used in para sailing, the enclosure is easy to transport in a single carry sack. A single person can put up an XGloo event tent in just minutes. The 6m X 6m tent only weighs about 30kg. This is ideal when the tent needs to be erected away from loading areas such as a park, stadium or beach.

XGloo inflatable event tents also provide visual impact. The XGloo's high dome ceiling allow it to standout from afar and when combined with a colourful design and decorations, it can be a real magnet for visitors. The igloo shape provides visibility from all sides so there are no dead areas to contend with. Each side panel can be printed in any number of colours and the material is a perfect canvas for printing graphics or text. The side enclosure panels are interchangeable which makes the XGloo adaptable for a variety of uses. One day it can be used at a health fair for employees, next as a hub for a consumer sample program. The flexibility and uses are endless.

The XGloo event tent is rapidly become the standard for the industry. Its lightweight, hi-tech design and portability make it easy to deploy. The self-supporting structure is also quick to put up by a single person and does not require a complicated frame system or air blower to maintain structural integrity. The material is also ideal for printing so messaging is vivid and noticeable by those nearby. Check out XGloo on Facebook for more ideas on the designs and decorating of XGloo event tents.

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