If you have an access to large area that is enough

by:Rida tent     2020-08-11

But selecting and hiring marquee is not as easy as it looks because there are many things that need to be considered. Some of the important points for marquee hire are mentioned below.

First check out with the marquee provider as what all includes in the quote. As they provide different services including furniture, cutlery, crockery, event decoration, tables and chairs and many things like that. Some of them also offer catering services and licensed bar according also. But these all are not a mandatory part and it differs from one organizer to other.

The internal decor of marquee for wedding is more important. There are different combinations that one can use including theme based wedding decoration or traditional decor with lightings and flowers. More important here is to get the company that provides all these at right price. Also it is important to know that company is adequately insured for public liability. Check the marquee for any damage as soon as the providers set it, as dispute over the damage after the event is more difficult to resolve and often cost more than anticipated.

Another issue worth considering is the electricity arrangements. One should make sure how the power equipments are supplied by the hire company, the correct rating and the ability of equipment to supply electricity to entire venue. Also the hire company should inform about events such as musical parties and DJs so that they can plan accordingly. Host should also know the location of the power supply equipments, their distance from the marquee, all controls and power switches.

It is always best of to search for more than one company and be very wary for a hire company that keep trying to undercut their prices to beat competition. Also check company's references and ask for some contact of previous customers that hired them before. If you found them reluctant to provide this data, then there is a chance that company is hiding something from you. It is easy to change mandap decor or car hire if you find it is less from the level of your expectations but if you find marquee as not of your expected standards then it would be a bigger problem to solve. Remember that most suppliers got booked well in advance and particularly for more popular dates. Planning early gives you more option and relive you from last moment stress.

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