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by:Rida tent     2020-07-23

Benefits Of Buying Roof Top Tents

Roof top tents are beneficial due to its low price. There are no hidden costs for storage or maintenance. You can take them where ever the camper trailers are headed. It's a perfect pick for a windy day. The shape remains the same and it won't collapse or cave in like typical dome tents. The sleeping space is better. No matter how tall you are, you can sleep easily without curling up your spine. The safety is comparable to sleeping atop a bunk bed. As top notch construction materials are used, durability is guaranteed. Roof top tents are generally cleaner than ground level tents. You need not worry about leakage from air mattresses and can be assured of a good night's sleep.

How To Weather Your Tent

Many recommend tent 'weathering' before using your brand new roof top tents .This is done to strengthen the canvas stitches and improve the water proofing feature of the canvas. It is carried out by erecting and hosing down the tent a couple of times. If a roof top tent is not 'weathered', it tends to leak around the seams.

Tips On Buying Camper Trailer tents

Deciding on where you want to go will speak volumes on the type of trailer tent required. Pick bigger tents than smaller models to accommodate to avoid cramping with larger crowds. Don't pick dark colored tents as they tend to absorb a lot of heat. Go for those with sloping sides to prevent it from collapsing when powerful winds strike. State of the art waterproof awning is a plus. Ensure that the annex floor can be connected to the velcro to keep out those annoying water droplets and unfriendly insect visitors.Meshed, mosquito proof windows and detachable canvas wind flaps should allow sufficient light entry even during pouring rains. Ensure that the bed base is made of good quality construction ply and is at least hundred mm thick for a satisfied sleep. Make certain that the ladders used are light weight to prevent mishaps. Lastly, decide on your budget for the whole trip and be sure to indulge in a wallet friendly purchase.

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