How to extend waterproof gazebo warranty?
To extend waterproof gazebo 's warranty, customers should have full knowledge of our warranty policy specified in the contracts signed by both parties. We regulate the warranty range, services provided, and conditions for compensation. As our product performance and style are rapidly updated, sometimes it is not necessary to require repair or replacement in a high frequency. If customers confirm to extend the warranty, contact our after-sales personnel for help who will give you a detailed explanation about the procedures and cautions.

Over years of development, Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, has been the preferred choice of manufacturing folding stage and regarded as a reliable provider. waterproof tent produced by Rida Tent is very popular in the market. The product always operates stably due to high precision electric components. Its electric boards, conductor, and resistor are fabricated to withstand vibration and impact. It is typically packaged by standard cartons. Wooden or iron boxes are available as needed. This product boosts productivity for employees, making them have a sense of workplace satisfaction and working happiness in their daily work. It has clean kerf with no burrs.

Rida tent has always been committed to providing one-stop service for domestic and foreign customers. Get an offer!
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