How much will it cost for wedding marquee production?
The cost of manufacturing wedding marquee is determined by several factors. Among those, labor cost and technology fee account for a considerable proportion. Throughout the whole production process, a lot of staff involving innovative designers, capable R&D technicians, and experienced workers work with their full passion and professionalism. In addition, the investment in the technology updates is also an indispensable part because it contributes a lot to the improved production efficiency and precision.

As a fast-growing company, Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, has been specializing in the development, design, and manufacture of stretch tent wedding. The truss system series is widely praised by customers. The product has no electrical hazards. Ground Continuity test (GC) has been carried out to prevent unsuitable current is created and flows to the earth. It can be applied to exhibition fair, graduate presentation fair, and job fair, among others. This product allows workers to finish the task which was mundane yet important in an interesting way, enabling workers to their improve efficiency. It has clean kerf with no burrs.

Since we want to be a leading glamping tents supplier, Rida Tent will do our best. Ask!
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