How about market influence of Rida?
Rida is a well known brand in the industry. When Rida is mentioned, Rida is always a good example. It has been marketed for years. For instance, it has been present at many domestic and international exhibitions and seminars. The brand influence will be expanded as it is exported to more countries.

With a wealth production experience of clear tent wedding, Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, has become one of the leading manufacturers in China. The portable stage series is widely praised by customers. Rida tent event stage undergoes a series of strict quality testings. Main tests performed during its inspection are size measurement, material & color check, static loading test, etc. It is typically packaged by standard cartons. Wooden or iron boxes are available as needed. The product features stable performance. The electrical leakage risks have been eliminated, ensuring that it can work under low leakage rates. It is safe to use with no potentially toxic metal substances.

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