'Have you ever been abroad?' was a popular dialogue

by:Rida tent     2020-07-24

Times have changed and so has the picture. Most families have more than one individual earning and going out on a holiday has become a popular way of unwinding and chilling out during a vacation! From tropical rain forests to Swiss Alps -travelling has become more accessible thanks to budget airlines mushrooming all over the world.

Affordable lodging in a city is another important factor that has changed the face of travelling. For example, if you are planning to try the river safari of Sarawak, Malaysia, you obviously cannot pitch a tent on the river bank! Highly affordable budget hotels in central location in kuching sarawak have made exploring this region, a rewarding experience. Look for hotels that are located either close to the airport or in the city centre or night life, although in a place like Kuching, all factors would be good to have in one hotel! This is essential because it simply makes travelling that much more rewarding.

Far away from the city lights, this is a romantic and relaxing region to the east of Malaysia which has plenty of new fun elements such as the river safari including a boat ride going through the tropical rainforests, plenty of local handicrafts and events such as Rainforest World Music Festival and so on. However, all the daytime activity definitely means a good night's sleep and surprisingly, some of the low cost hotels in central location in kuching sarawak provide exactly that! In short, it is not an impossible dream to expect a central location of a 'value for money' accommodation, with some good amenities such as a comfortable bed, bath and breakfast! The add-on benefit of a good location of a hotel would be the feeling of security and definitely peace of mind, when you are in a different town!

In fact, if you are planning an exotic holiday in a country like Malaysia (on a shoestring budget), it is worth considering the cost of stay at your destination along with the ticket price. Many airlines today give out a viable vacation package which involves the ticket and stay at a hotel. If this gives you a picture of a dingy, desolate hotel located at the outskirts of the city with little or no transport facilities, you can't be farther away from the truth! Many affordable and awesome hotels take a central location in Malaysia much to the tourist's delight.

The travel planner might tell you about booking your ticket well in advance and travelling off season and so on, but the real deal is not only the cost of a bed and bath, it is also the hidden costs such as travelling within. The happy realization that budget hotels are in a central location in Malaysia makes the idea of travelling around Malaysia a reality. Imagine getting down to a city and then checking out ,how far you are from the tourist attractions, the time taken to travel and whether the hotel is well connected to local transport facilities and so on. It can take the time and fun out of the holiday, and leave you with a bigger hole in your wallet - the very thing that you have wanted to avoid all along!

Typically, when you plan to stay in 'value for money' hotels, it is a good idea to check out if there is a chain or network of these hotels that could make your planning and travelling much easier. Many tourists these days are doing not only the main 'must do and must see' spots but are getting more adventurous to explore more on their own. It is common to see a foreigner in a place like Kulim, Kedah clicking pictures of the local scenery. So, don't be surprised to find a good hotel. Although in small places, location may not sound as important as it does in big cities, it sure makes a difference.

When we say central location in Kulim, it means that in addition to proximity to shopping and other entertainment areas, you could expect some add on features such as the availability of Wi Fi, or the need for a secured car park, which can give the international traveller connectivity to home while on holiday. The idea of chain hotels can be helpful while booking in these smaller towns. A certain standard of hospitality and service can be expected without having to expect the unexpected.

So, do keep the location of your stay in mind along with other budget planning ideas when you travel next. Sometimes a great location of a low cost hotel might cater more to your needs than a five star hotel which might be located in a high cost real estate area. Naturally, the rooms will cost more. So, you might be paying for something you don't really care about. Just being able to get a local transport facility close to your hotel, or being able to walk around easily to the local market or a night market are great perks of a good location.

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