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by:Rida tent     2020-07-24

Surprisingly though, there are places in Canada where tourists can enjoy sightseeing in the winter. This may not be as exciting as hiking, camping, surfing and the like, but it is still interesting. There are winter sights in Canada that you can not see anywhere else in the world.

So, if you have a trip scheduled for winter at Canada, do not be discouraged. Take the opportunity to see these places because they are at their best during this cold season. Pack up your winter clothes, gather your documents (do not forget your travel, medical or Super Visa Insurance), and set a date to visit the following:

1.The Quebec Ice Hotel

The Quebec Ice Hotel or Hotel de Glace is open from the beginning of January until mid March. It's not called an ice hotel for nothing. The walls, floors, roofs, chairs and tables are literally made of ice! It will definitely be a memorable and unique experience spending the night in this ice hotel. Yes, you can check into one of the rooms of the hotel and sleep atop a glowing ice bed topped with a wooden box-spring and a thick mattress. Since everything is made of ice, there are no doors for each room but there are privacy curtains.

It is not all that primitive in the Ice Hotel though because it does have electricity. There is also a bar where you can get drinks to warm up. There are also fully-functioning bathrooms, plus saunas and outdoor hot tubs.

2.The Village Igloo

If you want to take your winter escapade to the extreme, why not sleep overnight inside an igloo? You do not even have to head to the North Pole; all you have to do is go to the Laurentian Forest in Quebec.

The Village Igloo is located right at the middle of the forest. The organizers of this vacation site give locals and tourists the chance to live one night exactly the way the Canadian Inuit used to live. Guests are housed in genuine igloos made from packed ice with a floor of pine branches. Check-in starts at 8:00PM, followed by a campfire gathering where campers can listen to stories about the Inuit. Winter sleeping bags are provided at bedtime.

There is also a lodge where campers can take breakfast and use fully-functioning bathrooms and showers.

3.Yurt Parks

Yurts are heavy-duty, cylindrical tents that are created to withstand extremely cold outdoor conditions. They are equipped with solid flooring and even have furniture and electricity. They are usually available in popular parks and campgrounds all over Canada, particularly in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, and Cape Breton. This is the type of tent you should get if you want to go camping in winter.

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