Does Rida Tent have agents in foreign countries?
Guangzhou Rida Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is making efforts to have our own agents abroad. Currently, we have collected some buyer’s agents in foreign countries. They help us a lot while we are trying to break into a new country because they will act as a mediator between us and the potential buyers. They help us speed up the formalities and negotiation phase. By having such agents, we can be almost sure that we will avoid possible obstacles that we might find on the way cooperating with customers.

Rida Tent is a well-known manufacturer regarding the design and manufacture of tensile tent. We have a depth of industry-specific knowledge. The ez up canopy series is widely praised by customers. Rida tent dj booth truss will go through furniture performance testing to national and international industry standards. It has passed testing of GB/T 3325-2008, GB 18584-2001, QB/T 4371-2012, and QB/T 4451-2013. Its main performance, namely strength, hardness and wear resistance, is in accordance with national standard GB6063. The product has stable performance under extreme weathers. It does not prone to affect by thundering and lightning, storms, or humid weather. It can be disassembled after installation and be used multiple times.

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