Camping can be made even more enjoyable when it

by:Rida tent     2020-07-22

Most smaller and many larger tents are in the shape of a dome. They are compact to carry and easy to setup. A dome tent can sleep from one to five people, and can be staked down for security against the elements. Often when families go camping together the parents will provide and additional ten for the kids, allowing the younger campers to have a space of their own. Even camping dogs can get their own bedroom with the scaled-down version that is aptly called a pet tent.

For individuals on the hiking trail, a hiking tent can be useful. They are lightweight, durable, one-man structures that are perfect for toting in the wilderness or along a trail. They are long and thin and easy to carry. Larger groups intending on staying in one location might be interested in cabin tents. This 2 room tent has dividers inside to offer privacy for changing or sleeping, or when someone just needs a little alone time. Cabin tents are generally longer, stretched out versions of the dome tent, and a new tunnel shaped design can hold up to twelve campers. Some camping areas have restrictions on the number of tents that can be set up per sight. A 2 room structure can provide the most space on one sight while staying within the campground's restrictions.

There are some additional features for tents that can make an even more pleasant experience. Tarps cover the top of the base structure to protect it from the elements and give an added layer of insulation. Some tents come with awnings, providing a shaded area to sit in. Gear lofts attach to the interior and provide extra space to store gear off the floor. Ceiling or window fans are made specifically to fit the tent and circulate the air to keep the interior cool. All of these additions can help ensure that the campers will have the best camping trip ever.

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