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Assembling stage project in Ghana government

Assembling stage project in Ghana government



Material of Board:plywood,tempered glass and plexiglass

Thickness of Board:18mm

Adjustable Height:0.6-1.0m/0.8-1.2m/1.0-1.5m/1.5-2.0m

Color of Board:Red/Black


Stairs:Customized steps


The Chana government celebrated Easter in a local square in 2018. This event in our company custom tents, tent racks and stages. These three products are the main products of Rida company. Their main frame material is made of aluminum alloy and the quality is excellent. It has a single stage load of more than 900 kilograms, and the stage can be adjusted for height.And the floor is plywood.The stage of the event with a total area of 56 square meters, with 36 1.22 * 1.22 m of assembling stage. During the whole activity, the products are simple and convenient from installation to layout, and the styles are customized according to the needs. They are quite beautiful and have high safety performance. In addition, our products have a long life, which cannot be compared with other suppliers with lower technology and quality. As a result, these products have been successively organized for the Chana government.

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