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by:Rida tent     2020-07-22

First we had to test the tent to see how it looked like fully assembled and to serve as a dry run before we give it a field test. So off we went to the backyard to pitch the tent.

First I would like to report on ease of assembly. The Utah 10 man tent is a big tent. Assembling a tent of this size will take some time. Fortunately the maker of the tent knows that ease of setup is very important so they made sure that poles and sleeves were color coded. The sleeves were large enough so that it becomes very easy to thread the poles through the sleeves.

When it was time to put up the rooms that attach to the sides of the living area, we found out that we can choose to setup both, one or none of the sleeping areas. It depends on how many are going camping and for full capacity, three people can sleep on each sleeping room and four can sleep on the living area thus fitting 10 people comfortably.

The doors and windows had mesh vents to keep small insects out and allow fresh air to go inside. The flooring of the living area is shaped like a tub which helps to keep water outside.

Finally the kids brought in their sleeping bags while me and my wife used an inflatable mattress. Our first night inside the tent wasn't a real camping experience but it gave my family confidence when we will use it next weekend.

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