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Aluminum stage truss for concert in the republic of Togo

Aluminum stage truss for concert in the republic of Togo


The Large concert was held in the Republic of Togo in 2018.This is a grand and bustling music festival. RidaTent was very honor to took part in this large music festival. The Music Concert Stage Truss was provided from us.

The Truss size is 12x9x10m with Speaker Hang. The typed is Curved Truss. The LED Screen Truss height is 4m. It’s a big and luxury Truss for the Concert. When we received the invited for produced the Stage Truss for the large concert in The Republic Of Togo, we felt very happy and honor to do this! In order to fulfill our aim of the business, Give the customers 100% satisfied with our service. We had check the details with our customers for almost half of a year! And then into the producing time, we had control every producing steps in strictly attitude. Because the Truss is so big, we were overtime to accelerated the production. RidaTent is determined to producing the goods not only in high speed but also in high quality! The producing time was for almost 20 days. We were respond on the shipping transport. All the steps we were followed and feedback to the customers. Finally, through the hard from everyone in this project, the music concert was very successful for held! Thanks for everyone’s trust, RidaTent always try our best for satisfied every customers needs!  

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